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Volcanic Zen Duo Bracelets-Mustard

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Size & Adaptability:

  • Each bracelet is a subtle yet potent accessory at a height of 0.75 inches, designed to complement both casual and formal attires without overwhelming the wrist.
  • Thanks to their stretchable nature, these bracelets offer a comfortable, universal fit, embracing wrists of all sizes with earthy elegance.

Material Essence:

  • The wooden beads bring a touch of serene, natural warmth, while the textured lava rocks are reminiscent of the powerful and transformative energy of volcanoes.
  • Together, they create a wearable piece of the planet's narrative, one that speaks to both the stability of the trees and the dynamism of the earth’s core.
  • In line with Bougie Bureau's commitment to safety and sustainability, the "Volcanic Zen Duo" ensures that all materials are lead and nickel compliant, offering peace of mind alongside stylish wear.