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Glamour Gait Quintet Bracelets-Gray

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Size & Fit:

  • These bracelets boast a height of 1.75 inches, designed to make a fashionable impact as they catch the light and the eyes of admirers.
  • With their stretchable design, they ensure a perfect fit for every wrist, offering comfort and ease of movement for the wearer.

Craftsmanship & Safety:

  • A kaleidoscope of beads forms the backdrop for the collection's charming accents, coming together in a delightful palette of textures and hues.
  • Every charm is intricately detailed, offering a tiny tribute to the joys of accessorizing and personal expression.
  • Bougie Bureau maintains a steadfast commitment to safety and quality, with each bracelet being lead and nickel-compliant, ensuring that you can wear your style with confidence.