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Flora Essence Circle Bracelets

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Size & Adaptability:

  • Each bracelet stands at a captivating height of 2 inches, designed to envelop your wrist with an air of botanical elegance gracefully.
  • The stretchable feature of these bracelets ensures a snug and comfortable fit, making them suitable for any wrist and ideal for daily wear.

Design Details:

  • The natural wood beads serve as the earthy canvas for the intricate metal charms of flowers, leaves, and discs, each contributing to the story of an enchanted forest.
  • These bracelets intertwine the rustic texture of wood with the delicate intricacy of metal, creating a unique visual and tactile experience.
  • Adherence to lead and nickel compliance underscores Bougie Bureau's commitment to delivering not only an aesthetically pleasing accessory but also a safe and responsible one.