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Elemental Harmony Quartet-Pink Multi Bracelets

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  • Size & Comfort:

    • The wood ball beads stand proudly at 1" in height, making a statement of grounded elegance on your wrist.
    • Crafted with a stretchable band, these bracelets are meant to provide a custom fit for any wrist size, ensuring all-day comfort.


  • Design and Quality:

    • This set features a rhythmic alternation of wooden balls and metallic beads, each piece complementing the other in a dance of rustic and contemporary aesthetics.
    • The metal beads add a touch of urbanity and are thoughtfully incorporated to catch the light, adding a subtle sparkle to the earthy backdrop of the wood.
    • Consistent with Bougie Bureau's dedication to excellence, each bracelet in the "Elemental Harmony Quartet" adheres to lead and nickel compliance standards, offering you not only an impeccable style but also peace of mind.