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Earthen Harmony Quintet Bracelets

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Size & Comfort:

  • The bracelets stand at an elegant height of 1.5 inches, making a subtle yet significant statement on the wrist.
  • Crafted with stretchability in mind, they offer a comfortable, custom fit for any wrist size, allowing for effortless wear throughout the day.

Material Integrity:

  • Each bracelet is an assembly of authentic natural stones, known for their unique textures and hues, paired with smoothly polished wooden balls that bring a touch of organic warmth.
  • The combination of materials offers not just visual appeal, but a tactile experience that grounds you to nature's touch.
  • Keeping with Bougie Bureau's standards, every bracelet is lead and nickel compliant, ensuring your adornment is both safe and eco-consciously fashionable.