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Blossom Echoes Quartet Bracelets

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  • Size & Adaptability:

    • The central wood ball beads present at a generous 1.25" in height, designed to make a serene yet significant statement.
    • Their stretchable design guarantees a comfortable fit for a wide range of wrist sizes, allowing for ease of wear and versatility.


  • Artisan Craftsmanship:

    • Each bracelet is adorned with faceted beads that capture the light, creating a subtle sparkle reminiscent of morning dew on petals.
    • The wooden elements bring a touch of earthy richness, while the petal accents add a whisper of elegance and softness to the ensemble.
    • True to Bougie Bureau's commitment to quality and safety, each bracelet is meticulously crafted to be lead and nickel-compliant, ensuring that beauty does not come at the cost of well-being.