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Beaded Eclat Ensemble Bracelets

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  • Size & Comfort:

    • With a stately 2" in height, each bracelet is engineered to be a conversation starter, adding a dimension of sophistication to your ensemble.
    • Thanks to their stretchable construction, these bracelets are tailored to offer a universal fit, ensuring that comfort accompanies the couture.


  • Artistic Diversity:

    • The "Beaded Eclat Ensemble" offers a rich tapestry of design elements, with multi-layered beads varying in size, color, and texture, to provide an eclectic yet harmonious aesthetic.
    • The selection ranges from the understated elegance of earth tones to the vibrant hues of statement pieces, ensuring suitability for any mood or occasion.
    • These bracelets are meticulously strung to flow with the natural movement of your wrist, offering both durability and a dynamic visual appeal.